Best Way to Delete Overstock Account in 2023


Do you want to delete or deactivate your Overstock account? Are you facing any problems with your Overstock account or for any other reasons, do you want to know how to permanently delete Overstock account?

If you are looking for any help or need guidance for Overstock account deletion, then you are in the correct place. Here we have given a step-by-step tutorial to delete your account easily.

Our team did the proper research and connect with their support team before writing this article. We have practically tried multiple ways to delete Overstock account and found the best method which is given in this tutorial.

What is an Overstock? is an American online retailer and technology company primarily selling furniture based in Midvale, Utah, United States. This company offers a variety of brands at a reasonable price including rugs, furniture, home decor, kitchen appliances, lighting, home improvement, and more.

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Overstock Company Details:

Type of CompanyPublic Company
HeadquarterMidvale, Utah, U.S.
IndustryRetail Technology
Founded Year1999
FounderPatrick M. Byrne

Why should you delete your Overstock Account?

It may depend upon your usage of your Overstock account and why you should delete your Overstock account. Most of the common reasons for which you should deactivate or delete your Overstock account are as follows:

  1. If you want to delete your old account and unnecessary information or you may be created your account just for a temporary period and are getting unnecessary newsletters in your inboxes which is making the inbox more spamming.
  2. Due to security reasons, When your account is deactivated, there may be some chances of removing a layer of security to your account which may be a sign of account hacking or data breach.
  3. Your personal information is available publically, so it may lead to privacy leakage.

How to Delete Overstock Account?

If you will check on your Overstock account, there is no option to delete your Overstock account directly whereas you can request the deletion of your personal information on the Overstock account which is similar to the account deletion process.

So if you want to delete your Overstock account, you can raise a request for your overstock account deletion by filling out a specific form available on Overstock.

We have connected with the customer support team of Overstock over chat and tried to find the actual effective way to delete our Overstock account.

Delete OverStock Account using Chat with Customer Supper Team

Let’s see the below complete process step-by-step to know how to delete Overstock account easily.

Step 1: Open any browser.

Open any browser on your desktop or laptop or mobile device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Privacy Request page.

After opening any browser, either navigate to the Overstock Privacy Request page or Click here to go to the Privacy Request page. You can go through the Overstock Privacy Request Process to get more information there.

On the Overstock Privacy Request Process page, click on this form link of the second point to navigate to the Privacy Request Form page.

Delete OverStock Account Step 3 - Click on the Form link
Best Way to Delete Overstock Account in 2023 13

Step 4: Navigate to the Privacy Request Form

Once the user clicks on this form link, the User will be navigated to the Privacy Request Form page, where they can fill out the form to delete their account or remove their information from Overstock.

Delete OverStock Account Step 4 - Navigate to privacy request form

Step 5: Filled out the Privacy Request form and Submit it

Provide your details like First Name, Last Name, Type of Request, and Additional information in the Privacy Request form. You can mention our reason for account deletion and what is the information you want to delete in detail in the Additional Information field.

If you want to delete your account or remove any information from their database, you can choose the Delete option for Type of Request and click on Submit Request button to raise your request.

Delete Overstock Account - 08

Once you will submit your Privacy Request Form for account deletion, a ‘Thank you‘ message will be displayed to you for your confirmation that your request has been submitted and you will get an email for verification as well.

Delete Overstock Account - 4
Best Way to Delete Overstock Account in 2023 14

Step 6: Verify Your Email for Privacy Request

After submitting the Privacy Request Form, you will receive an email for verification. Click on the verification link to verify your email.

Delete Overstock Account - 05

Step 7: Finalize Your Privacy Request by Verify Your Phone Number

Once you will click on the verification link available in the email, you will be navigated to the Finalize your request page. You need to choose your phone number, choose the text option for sending the access code and click on the Send button. A verification access code will be sent to your registered phone number.

Delete Overstock Account - 06

Step 8: Verify the Access Code

Once you will receive the access code, you need to provide the 6-digit access code in the verification code field and click on the Verify button. Verification will be done.

Delete Overstock Account - 09

Step 9: Provide Your Response to Security Question and Submit the Form

Choose the security question and provide your response as an answer. If you have not purchased any items before then you can provide “No Purchased or Shipments” as your answer also. Once you will provide your answer, accept the data that you have provided is correct and click on the Submit button to send your request.

Delete Overstock Account - 10

Step 10: Confirmation for Request Submission

Once you have verified the access code and submitted your request, the success message “Request submitted” will be displayed to the user. Your account including all personal information will be deleted and you will be notified also.

You can get the confirmation to hear back from Overstock within 45 days from the date of request.

Delete Overstock Account - 11

If still you are unsatisfied or not able to delete your Overstock account, then you can also directly contact their customer care for quick assistance.

  • Contact Number: 1-800-843-2446
  • Text: 1-385-257-9241
  • Chat
  • International Orders:
    • International orders: 00-1-801-252-5535
    • Canada orders: 1-866-596-5840


Hopefully by following this guide “How to delete Overstock account?“, you have deleted your Overstock account easily. Both of the above methods are easy to follow, while requesting to delete your account through email may take up to a few days to be completed as it has some dependency upon the Overstock support team.

If this article, helps you to delete your Overstock account, then please share this guide with your friends or relatives and let the deletemaster go ahead one step.

Thank You! and Happy Learning!

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  1. I did request the account and personal information to be deleted but I got their reply saying I have to wait 4 years from my last order to request the deletion due to tax law. That’s insane!!
    I requested account deletion from couple of websites and I got no issue at all.
    Overstock is the only one who has this rule.
    I might check with tax lawyer to confirm this thing.

    • Sorry to hear that from you!
      Sure, if you want, you can check this thing with the tax lawyer. We will also try to verify this thing from our end and will notify you, once we will find something.
      You can also raise your account deletion through the below link so that we can also try it from our end.


      Admin Panel, DeleteMaster


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