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DeleteMaster.com is one of the leading independent blogs which provides a complete tutorial about deleting your accounts, removing your personal information online, and many more.

Our main aim is to provide a complete step-by-step tutorial to delete or remove any information from different online platforms easily and also quickly.

Some of our main goals are;

  • Delete Any Account From the Online
  • Delete Account Information
  • Delete Chat History
  • Delete Data From the Online
  • Remove Credit Cards/ Debit Cards and more
DeleteMaster About Us

Who is behind DeleteMaster.com? – All About Us!

There is no organization or specific company behind DeleteMaster.com! Yes, it’s absolutely correct.

DeleteMaster.com is completely managed by a single person only! Miss Saras is the founder and owner of the portal DeleteMaster.com. She has more than 5 years of experience in managing multiple portals and also worked for different clients to help them to rank their top keywords with more than 10000-100000 volumes per month.

She has built this site from scratch. She found the gap between users and account deletion or data removal process. Personally, she suffered a lot to delete her personal account of some reputed organization as there is no such accurate information is not available over the internet. So she has taken the initiative to make this site to help users like her.

She believes that user privacy is as much as important as food is for being alive! She has taken a lot of effort to collect the data, analyze them, prepare images or videos, and provide the correct information to end users. regularly, she is also updating this site to avoid outdated content information. You can also grab her attention by sending an email to us or just contacting us if you find any incorrect information on our site.

Our Mission – All About Data Protection!

Our mission is to get control over our users’ personal information on digital platforms and get an extra layer of security over users’ personal information.

In our daily life, we have created most of our accounts on a different platform that we are not using or created for one-time purposes only. In such cases, our personal information is available to those platforms and also we don’t have any track record. So we need to delete our account or just need to remove all personal information from the respective websites that we are not using.

As per Norton, Since 2013, there have been an estimated 3.8 million records stolen from cybersecurity attacks every day and estimates show that there is a cyberattack every 44 seconds throughout the day. So it’s very crucial to protect your data online to maintain your privacy.

Our mission is to help such users to delete their accounts or remove any information from any platform in the easiest way. We provide step-by-step guides along with screenshots and images to make it simple for you.

DeleteMaster did the proper research before writing any tutorial. As proof, you can find the reference links where we have collected the information to make the tutorials to the point. We have practically tried multiple ways and come up with the best methods.

We also provide deletion or data removal from online services to clients. To avail of this deletion service, you just need to contact DeleteMaster either from the contact us page or directly drop an email to us at contact@deletemaster.com with your account details like email, username, contact number, account specific details including credentials for account login also. Our first priority is your data security, so never share any information about our clients with others.

Why You Should Contact DeleteMaster?

Expertise always has a weightage whenever we are considering any field. We have experience and expertise in account deletion, data removal, and clearing different types of information online. We have helped our clients to remove their accounts or data in some critical situations also.

We have experience with the exact process to follow for the account or data removal. We always keep our eyes on different accounts for data loss or data breaches. We always try to make it simple for our clients and manage your data more securely.

You can also go through some of our tutorials like how to delete accounts, cancel any membership or ongoing subscriptions, tips & tricks, and more. If you want to delete your account or any data online with the help of us, you can also raise your account deletion request directly to us.

So it will be a safer move to walk with DeleteMaster to remove or delete your data online. Why you will wait? let’s give us a chance to help you out with this.