How to Disable Samsara Camera? – 4 Quick Steps


Samasara Cameras are the popular camera devices mostly used for monitoring and tracking various activities, especially in the transportation and logistics industries.

However, there are many situations where you may want to disable your Samsara cameras. In this article, we have given a step-by-step tutorial on how to disable Samsara camera, why you should do so and some frequently asked questions.

Samsara Camera Disable Overview

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What is Samsara Cameras?

Samsara Cameras is one of the popular brands that offer high-quality, innovative camera solutions for a wide range of industries. Their products are designed to help businesses improve safety, efficiency, and productivity through real-time monitoring and insights.

It provides features like a Built-In Recorder, Night Mode, Field of View, Collision Detector, driver assistance, and more.

To know more details, please visit Samsara’s official website here.

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Important Things to Know Before Disabling Samsara Camera

Before learning about how to disable Samsara camera, please go through the below important things to avoid any consequences:

  1. Legal Concern: If you are using a commercial fleet, then disabling the Samsara camera may be in violation of state or federal laws. Some states even nations strictly mandate the use of cameras in their commercial vehicles for safety purposes. You are advised to consult with the legal team before making any decisions.
  2. Insurance Policy: Most Insurance companies make it mandatory to use the camera in commercial fleets. Disabling the Samsara camera may result in the against your Insurance Policy.
  3. Safety and Security: Samsara cameras are specially configured to monitor the driver’s activity and detect risky driving movements and also make it secure by capturing the footage of any theft or such behaviors. Disabling the camera may compromise your safety and security.
  4. Liability: In case of any type of accident, having your own footage of the incident can help you to establish the liability and to stand against false claims.
  5. Data Collection: This camera collects accurate data including GPS navigation, driver movement, speed, and more which can be used to improve your performance and also help to make your business more secure. Disabling the camera may result in a loss of your valuable data.

In conclusion, before disabling your Samsara camera, it’s important to go through the legal concerns, insurance policy, safety and security, liability, and data collection. You are advised to always consult with your legal team before taking any type of action.

Why Should You Disable Samsara Camera?

There are several reasons why you may want to disable your Samsara camera. Here we have given 2 common reasons that you may consider:

  • You may be concerned about your privacy and security and you may not want the camera to record certain areas or activities because of security as it may be backed or compromised.
  • Some of your employees may not feel comfortable with being constantly monitored or recorded which may negatively impact their job satisfaction and productivity.

How to Disable Samsara Camera?

How to disable Samsara camera
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The best way to disable the Samsara Camera is to contact the fleet management or IT department responsible for the system and request they disable the camera for your vehicle however you can also follow the given steps to do so.

Disabling your Samsara camera will depend on the specific camera model you have. In general, there are a few steps you can take to disable the camera:

  1. Open the Samsara app.
  2. Log in to your Samsara dashboard.
  3. Navigate to the camera settings page.
  4. Disable the camera by clicking the “disable” button or toggling the camera off.

You can also disable your Samsara camera by disconnecting the power supply, turning off the device, or by covering or physically removing it. In case you are unsure how to disable the Samsara camera properly, then contact Samsara support for assistance.

We are suggested to do it in case of any emergency but as stated previously, Please go through the 5 important things to know before disabling your Samsara camera.


Disabling your Samsara camera is a difficult process, but it’s necessary to go through the important points that you should know before disabling your camera. It has potential consequences and implications, including legal and insurance coverage issues.

Still, if you are sure to disable your camera, then you can follow our tutorial to learn about “How to disable Samsara camera?”.

If you decide to disable your Samsara camera, follow the steps provided by the manufacturer or contact their support for assistance. Remember to keep in mind the impact on your business operations and the potential consequences of disabling the camera.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will disabling the Samsara camera affect my Insurance coverage?

It depends on your insurance provider. Some policies require the use of cameras, while others do not. It is essential to check with your insurance provider before disabling the camera.

Is it legal to disable the Samsara Camera?

It is not recommended to disable Samsara Camera as it is a crucial safety and security tool. Also, disabling the camera may violate company policy or local laws.

Can I disable Samsara Camera on my own?

It is not recommended to disable the Samsara Camera on your own as it may cause damage to the vehicle or the camera system or any legal action.

Will disabling Samsara Camera affect my job or driving record?

Disabling the Samsara Camera may violate company policy or local laws, which may result in disciplinary action or legal consequences.

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