Why it's imp. to delete your Facebook account!

By: Codingface

Learn all reasons and the steps to delete facebook account!


You should delete your Facebook account that you are not using or deactivated because of security reasons, hacking or data breac.

Why you should delete your facebook account?

How to delete Facebook account easily? - Step by step process

Let's learn the step by step process to delete your Facebook account permanently.



Log into your Facebook account and click on the profile icon on the right top side.

Go to your Facebook profile


Select Settings and privacy and then click on the Settings option to navigate to Settings page.

Go to Settings page of your profile


Click on Privacy option on the left menu to navigate to Privacy page. Click on Your Facebook information option now.

Go to Privacy page


Click on Deactivate and Deletion option of Your Facebook Information page. You can choose either deactivate or to delete your account.

Deactivate and Deletion


Now choose Delete Account option and then click on the continue to account deletion option.

Choose Delete Account option


Click on Continue button, It will delete all of your pages and account those are associated with your Facebook account.

Pages and Account deletion confirmation


It will ask you before delete your account permanently. Once the deletion process started, user will not be able to reactivate account. Click on Delete Account button.

Permanently delete account


Click on the OK button. If the captcha code and password will be correct, then permanent account deletion popup will be displayed.

Click on OK button


Confirm account deletion request by clicking on the OK button. It will take 14 days to delete your account permanently.

Confirm account deletion request