Meet the Schwitzer Award Winners  

Introducing Selda Gunsel, Bassem Kheireddin, and Jung Fang – the masterminds behind Shell's Renewable Race Fuel.

Unveil the revolutionary combination of second-generation ethanol and non-fossil fuel powering INDYCAR engines.

Eco-Friendly Fuel Formula

Discover the process of extracting ethanol from sugarcane waste for a greener future.

Power of Ethanol

Explore the remarkable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions achieved by Shell's Renewable Race Fuel.

Driving Sustainability 

Learn about the prestigious award honoring motorsport engineering excellence.

The Louis Schwitzer Award

Discover BorgWarner's support for sustainability and their admiration for Shell's Renewable Race Fuel.

BorgWarner's Commendation

Pay tribute to Louis Schwitzer's legacy and his influence on motorsport innovation.

Honoring a Legend

Unveil BorgWarner's involvement in the Indy 500, from the iconic Borg-Warner Trophy to turbocharger supply. 

Borg-Warner's Indy 500 Contribution

Highlight the fuel's impact on inspiring the next generation of eco-conscious engineers and racers. 

Inspiring the Future

Conclude by emphasizing Shell's Renewable Race Fuel's role in propelling sustainability in racing.

Embracing a Sustainable Revolution