Elon Musk Subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein Case


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The US Virgin Islands hired a private investigator to subpoena Elon Musk in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Musk's whereabouts have been difficult to ascertain, prompting the need for alternative means of delivering the subpoena.

The US Virgin Islands seeks documents from Musk as part of a civil lawsuit against JPMorgan, alleging the bank's complicity in Epstein's sex trafficking operation.

 Musk's recent locations include Miami, Los Angeles, and Paris. He is expected to attend Tesla's annual general meeting in Austin, Texas.

The investigation aims to determine if Musk, as a high-net-worth individual, had any involvement with Epstein's relationship with JPMorgan.

Musk denies any involvement with Epstein, and the subpoena seeks communications between Musk and JPMorgan regarding Epstein.

The subpoena requests documents related to Musk's accounts, transactions, and financial management, as well as communications with Epstein and JPMorgan.

Other high-profile individuals, including Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Michael Ovitz, and Mort Zuckerman, have also been subpoenaed in the case.

Musk criticized the subpoena, calling it "idiotic" and expressing dissatisfaction with JPMorgan's past handling of Tesla's banking business.

The case against Epstein's estate and the banks managing his finances continues, with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon scheduled for deposition.