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ChatGPT: Empowering Conversations with OpenAI's Mobile App 

OpenAI expands its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, to a wider consumer audience through a mobile app launch on Apple's app store. 

OpenAI launches ChatGPT on Apple’s app store 

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ChatGPT app enables users to ask questions and receive AI-generated answers on their mobile devices, including voice interactions using OpenAI's Whisper technology. 

Enhancing the User Experience 

The ChatGPT app aims to reach a broader audience, gathering valuable user input and feedback to improve language models and enhance the technology.

Accelerating Innovation with User Feedback 

ChatGPT gained immense popularity, attracting millions of users within days, revolutionizing various sectors, and impacting Google's search engine. 

Phenomenal Success of ChatGPT 

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OpenAI's ultimate goal is to create AGI, and the ChatGPT app brings them closer by making cutting-edge research more accessible to consumers. 

Path to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 

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OpenAI engages with regulators globally, advocating for responsible AI development and addressing concerns surrounding potential misuse.

Addressing Ethical Concerns and Regulation 

Tech groups aim to run generative AI on mobile devices, reducing costs and enabling transformative applications like chatbots. 

Mobile Computing Power: Future of Generative AI 

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OpenAI, founded as a non-profit, has transitioned into a for-profit corporation with a significant investment from Microsoft. 

OpenAI's Evolution: Non-Profit to For-Profit